Modular Buildings and Off-site facilities

DYNAMIX MBS (Modular Building Solutions): Through our partnership alliance with a modular buildings manufacturer we provide creative high quality portable, temporary and permanent multi-functional solutions from off-site single cabins to multi-purpose facilities. Our selected modular system is of the highest quality, quick to erect with endless combinations which can be supplied flat pack or pre-assembled ready to plug and play.

Modular Options

High Quality portable and permanent multi-functional onshore modular solutions.

  • Each portable module up to 3.0m wide, fire rated and insulated

  • Range of External Cladding Solutions

  • Unique low cost modular homes and extensions - up to 25 years

  • Construction site offices and facilities from 2 to 100 persons

  • Storage and Workshop systems

  • Land-Camps and Port Facilities

  • Unique one off design and various cladding options

  • Reduced Site Time, Safer Statistics

  • Stackable up to 3 storeys and road transportable

  • Fully delivered with electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems

  • Modular Classrooms and training facilities

  • Sanitary Containers with built in waste tank

  • Integrated all-round container with WC and Kitchen

  • Exhibition Spaces

  • Single cabin solutions - 2 person offices